Specialty Cocktails


—Nam Specialty Cocktails—

Lychee Martini 13
western sun vodka, dash white cranberry juice, Soho liquor, garnished with lychee fruit

Ginger Storm 11
blackwell rum, ginger beer, fresh lime juice, topped with brown sugar - torched and mixed with ginger

Thuy Old Fashioned 12
basil haden whiskey, angostura bitters, orange bitters, roasted orange swath - torched then mixed with brown sugar cube lit on fire

Marko Mule 11
elijah craig bourbon, domaine de canton, fresh lime juice, topped with soda, garnished with fresh ginger, mint leaf, a sprinkle of brown sugar over shaved ice

Ha Long Bay 10
patron tequila infused with fresh thai peppers, mixed with fresh watermelon, agave, garnished with thai pepper, salt rim

Saigon Night 12
royal green tea vodka, st-germain, fresh lime juice, fresh clementine, garnished with rosemary

The Lotus 11
nolet gin, angosturas bitter, fresh lime juice, fresh clementine, garnished with rosemary

Thuong (Love) River 10
kirk and sweeney rum, soho liqueur topped with pineapple juice, splash of soda, garnished with a sugar cane

Godiva Chocolate Liqueur 12
mixed with café sua da


—Champagne Cocktails—

Moonlight Mashup 10
blueberries, st-germain, topped with champagne

Starlight 12
ketel one peach orange blossom vodka, dash of yuzu, thyme, topped with champagne

Rain 12
gin lane, twist of lemon, dash bitters, topped with champagne